Fireplaces accessories and more in Kamloops

The best thing about our service is you can get everything you need in one location. In addition to our fireplace and stove products, we also carry a number of home fixtures and appliances including fans, screens, tools and more.

Fans and remote controls

Fans are great for circulating air throughout your home and can add more efficiency to your stove.
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Glass doors and screens

Adding a screen can help contain debris emitted from your fireplace, especially if you have a traditional wood-burning appliance. We also carry a wide selection of doors.
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Grates, tools and log carriers

You may not realize it, but quality matters even when it comes to your fireplace accessories. Many begin to notice the effects of consistently using low-quality products after a short amount of time. Don't fall for low-priced products and invest in your grate, tools and log carrier with us. We carry top industry brands. 
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Hearth Pads

Typically, freestanding fireplaces require a foundation to protect your flooring and to keep your home safe. Our fireplace hearth pads are available in a variety of designs, colors and shapes. 
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Maintenance and repair

Meeco is our main supplier for fireplace safety and maintenance products. They carry a wide range of products including gel fire-starters, chimney cleaning brushes, gas log cleaners and other supplies. 
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